How to order? - RideZone

How to place an order

At RideZone, it is possible to place orders in a simple, quick and intuitive way.

To have your products safely and conveniently delivered at an address of your choice, you will have to follow a few simple steps. Start by choosing the product you wish to purchase, select the product flavour and quantity you would like to receive, and add the product to your shopping cart by clicking on "ADD TO CART". At this time, it is still possible to continue shopping and choose other products to be added to your order, following the above-mentioned procedure. When all the desired products are in the shopping cart, you can conclude your order by clicking on the "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button in the shopping cart window.

After adding all the products to be ordered to your cart and clicking on "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT", you will be directed to an order overview screen. This screen displays information about the order to be placed, showing the included products, the total cost, as well as the amount of Points to be earned with the purchase. Clicking on "PLACE ORDER" will lead you to the final steps before the order is fully concluded, of which there are 5:


This steps allows you to see what products were added to your basket and the points that you could earn if you finish your purchase. You can also introduce a discount coupon. When you click on "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT", you'll be directed to the second step "SIGN IN" or directly to the third step if you're already logged. 


Here you can sign in with your accounts details or create a new account in RideZone. 


During this step you can define at what address your order is to be delivered, as well as your billing address. Clicking on "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" will take you to step four, "SHIPMENT".


In this step you can choose the transport method and know the estimated delivery time. You have also to accept the terms&conditions of the service. When you click on "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT", you'll be directed to the fifth and last step, "PAYMENT"


Here, you can consult all of the information related to your order, such as all of the included products and the total amount to be paid. Besides this, you have the opportunity to view all of the payment methods available at RideZone, and choose that one which is most convenient for you. By clicking on your prefer payment method, you will be taken to  the payment platform corresponding to the method chosen by you.

Upon concluding your order, an order confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address, including the order number and other relevant details.

In case you run into any problems while placing an order at RideZone, please contact our customer service. This team consists of professionals who will gladly provide you with all the information you may need regarding our products and services.